Why Do Table Tennis Players Serve Weird? What Can Explain That?

Serving ping pong is a basic but extremely important technique; you need to do it well in practice and competition. Specifically, a good serve will help you gain an active advantage and put the opponent in the passive position. The question asked by many people is:Why do table tennis players serve weird?

The players sometimes have a very strange way of serving that we may hardly notice, and you might be wondering to yourself, “Why do ping pong players serve weird? Let’s dig in with us to discover more.


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Why Do Table Tennis Players Serve Weird?

Over time, ping pong players have come up with more and more different types of servers. Odd serves help the operator to develop his ability and at the same time make it difficult for his opponent. Thus, that is also the reason for the strange serve patterns in ping pong.

Face Or Head Serve

With this serve, the player will keep the position of the head or face as close to the paddle as possible. Therefore, it will be difficult for opponents to predict the ball’s trajectory as they can not see the paddle from the opposite position.

Face or head serve a cool and quite strange move to confuse the competitor.

Upon Drop Serve

When serving, the player does not serve as soon as the ball is high but will wait until an appropriate time or even when the ball has just dropped low before swinging the paddle.

This way will distract the opponent, and the player will take advantage of that opportunity to serve.

A High Ball Thrown Serve

A high ball is thrown serve when you execute a high toss at maximum racket speed.

The ball may go longer than a normal service because it drops faster at contact and will create multiple vortices, making it difficult for the opponent to hit the ball correctly.

In contrast, you will have difficulty controlling, including proper touch, grasping the amount of spin, length, direction, and stability of the ball.

Besides, it is especially difficult to get a short serve (because the 2nd bounce will go off the table). A high ball thrown is a very good serve, but you have to practice a lot to become proficient at doing it.

A high ball thrown serve

Stomping Serve

A pretty impressive trick when serving the ball. During the serve, the player will shift gravity from one foot to another to make a stomp while the paddle touches the ball.

Subsequently, the stomping will create noise to drown out the sound of the ball hitting the paddle to distract the opponent and make it difficult for them to calculate the speed of the table tennis ball.


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To get an advantage in a game of table tennis, players need to make a good serve. Hence, making odd serves will gain them a strong point to win the competition.

That is also the answer to the question, “Why do table tennis players serve weird?“. Which serve do you think is the most impressive?