What Is The Official Color Code For The Table Of Table Tennis?

Are you a newbie in table tennis and have a lot of questions related to the sport? If so, we are sure that you will probably have the same questions as many Ping Pong beginners of “What is the official color code for the table of table tennis?”. Are you wondering about what the color is and why? Scroll down to read this post, as we’ve prepared you all the information you need on this topic!

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Is Color An Important Factor In Table Tennis?

Apparently, the playing table of the ping pong table is the most vital equipment of the game. Back in the past, people used to utilize their dining desk as their battleground and placed books amid the table as a net. However, people had turned the simple game into a more exciting sport with certain required tools.

As we all know, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) directly manages the international ping pong tournaments nowadays. Therefore, regulations on the colors of table tennis are also enacted by the ITTF.

Color is important in the Ping Pong game.

We normally see the legendary trio in the list of used colors: blue, white, and yellow. These colors are an important factor in making a professional ping pong table; let’s read on to gain more insights into these colors.

What Is The Official Color Of Ping Pong Table?

What Is The Official Color Code For The Table Of Table Tennis

First of all, the playing table must feature a strong matt pattern and a uniform black hue. Further than that color, the ITTF only allows blue or green boards. Interestingly, the reason is that around 8 percent of white men are blind green/red.

In addition to that, the official ITTF favors the blue palette over the green. This outcome comes not just from the objective criteria mentioned above but also from the sensory aspects. The blue tint makes the match somewhat brighter, but no less remarkable!

What is the official color code for the table of table tennis?

The edges are then drawn along four edges of the board, using a white design of 2 millimeters. Both 1,525m (endline) and 2,74m (sideline) sides are included in the borderlines. But you can not feel the colors correctly while sliding your palm along the surface.

Finally, the table tennis table is separated into two equal half or courses by a vertical grid that runs alongside the endline. The white centerline, which is 3 mm in size parallel to the sidelines, divides each of these courts into equal halves.

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Final Word

Believe it or not, all the professional and international ping pong tournaments you look forward to every year are the result of the meticulous work from the ITTF to ensure that every little detail of the tournament is perfect. Throughout this article, we hope that you have gained the answer and insights on “What is the official color code for the table of table tennis?” as well as some useful information on the rules of Ping Pong.