Stiga Pro Carbon Review – The Max-speedy Paddle

The Stiga Pro Carbon review is the answer for those looking for a speedy racket. Among the wide range of paddles available in the market, this Swedish manufacturer’s item stands out for its maximum spin.

Join us to analyze this racket with meticulous research on its features, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. Keep reading through our article so you understand why people give him so much felicitation

Finally, you will find out how to decide on a purchase.

STIGA Pro Carbon Performance

“This carbon Pro has the highest spin rating of 100. This impressive spin shows the hardness of the blade material”

Product highlights:

  • Performance and Power
  • Speed and Control
  • ITTF Approved Rubber
  • Extra Light Blade

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A Quick Rundown Of The Stiga Pro Carbon

This is an ideal paddle for advanced players. It has an increased speed and can produce a large amount of spin.

That power makes it not easy to control. But if you are an experienced player this paddle only contributes to a sense of challenge that will elevate your game.

Stiga Pro Carbon table tennis paddle is what you need to enhance your performance level. It appears in official matches not only for its ITTF certification but also for the superior practical efficiency you can find in it.


  • Reduce fatigue and increase speed
  • Sturdy construction produces steady forward and sides shots
  • Replaceable rubber for saving cost
  • Expanded sweet spot
  • Ideal for offensive gameplay
  • Affordable price


  • Bad control
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Poor backspin
  • Heavy handle


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Stiga Pro Carbon Review-What Are Key Specifications

Construction and material will make out the performance of a ping pong racket. Pro Carbon uses high-grade materials, turning it into an instinctive paddle that moves with you and adjusts your skill level to optimize the return of each shot.

Spin Scores The Highest Point

This carbon Pro has the highest spin rating of 100. This impressive spin shows the hardness of the blade material. The stiffness produces a much better spin with forwarding and lateral loops.

The adhesion of the rubber and the thickness of the sponge also affect this spec. Using S5 rubber with durable construction and increased air bubbles produces a powerful and precise spin. The padded sponge layer under the rubber case provides maximum forgiveness for a strong return.

This paddle gives you the chance to show an outstanding overall performance and counteract the opponent’s attacks.

Performance Rating Chart

Speed Enhances Your Performance

It is not the fastest paddle of Stiga, but the Pro Carbon offers superior speed for its price range. The ratings are almost absolute in terms of speed enough for you to pick it up.

Most features of Stiga Carbon Pro support this characteristic. First, we have to talk about the materials and technology used to manufacture it.

The lightweight wooden blade reduces overall weight for quick and effortless shots, while a rubber surface combined with a thin layer of sponge enhances bounce for maximum return when contacting.

This is a great option if you are looking for a racket that will challenge your skills. If you are an experienced ping pong player or an expert then this racket will help you improve your experience.

Control Challenges Defensive Player

This racket needs to improve its control. The rating of 80 is a low index compared to other alternatives. This is not the easiest racket to control, as it can be annoying and unpredictable.

However, the paddle uses WRB Weight Balancing technology. That helps to counteract vibrations and expand the sweet-spot area on your rubber. Therefore, even eccentric shots deliver the balance.

You can not demand better-controlled performance at a super-speed paddle. And therefore, it is not recommended to consider Pro Carbon if you are a newbie.

Blade Quality Reduce Overall Weight

The blade is built from 5 layers of balsa wood and 2 layers of carbon. As one of the most popular materials used for table tennis, this wood is thin but sensitive and light.

The ability to generate a strong bounce in each hit while maintaining the lightweight feature that increases player return power between times of contact. This combination helps the player to optimize attack strategies.

To understand the power of the Pro Carbon blade, you cannot ignore two techniques that help create its performance, which are Crystal Technology and WRB Weight Balance. The first engineering helps to harden the blade, thereby increasing its speed. The other technique maintains the balance and reduces vibration on impact, to maintain the player’s control.

Structure Of The Blade

Rubber Surface Meet The Standard For Using In Formal Competitions

The blade is coated and uses high-grade rubber combined with Nano Composite and ACS Technology. This structure creates tighter bonds by utilizing tiny air bubbles.

That helps to improve the stiffness and adjust the performance for offensive professionals. The growth in speed please intermediate players.

There is a thin porous sponge layer underneath the rubber, improving elasticity for quick energy. Two sides of the 2.0mm sponge give it a magnifying effect, contributing to the speed and strength of the paddle.

The sponge rubber makes this structure more elastic while keeping it very light. Besides, it also expands the sweet point area in comparison to other paddles.

The rubber on the Pro Carbon meets the ITTF standards, making it ideal for use in formal competitions. Another benefit we like is the replaceable rubber. You can replace it with a new cover, helping you continue to use the old racket while reviving the responsiveness.

Data Sheet Of Specifications


  • Concave Pro Handle
  • S5 Rubber
  • 2.0 mm Sponge
  • 7-ply Extra Light Blade

Performance Ratings

  • Speed: 99/100
  • Spin: 100/100
  • Control: 80/100


  • Crystal Technology
  • WRB Weight Balancing
  • Nano Composite Technology
  • Touch Carbon


  • ITTF approval

Stiga Pro Carbon

Evaluation Of The Company

Stiga Sports AB began its business over half a century ago, specializing in the production of items related to table tennis. These products get the great fondness of all ping pong lovers from amateurs to professionals.

As an experienced company, Stiga Sports AB focuses on product quality that makes the success of the brand.

Engineers and designers continue to apply new technologies to the manufacturing process. They are also always looking for new materials to ensure high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Pro Carbon is a great representative of this brand. It has the advantages of maximum spin and speed.

What Do We Talk About The Positive Aspect?

The spin rating that shows the highest score is the most positive of Pro Carbon. You will show a great performance with powerful twists on the forehand ball. For complex backhand shots, this paddle retains its balance with a steady swing in the player’s direction.

Advanced technology and new materials give you a sturdy, lightweight paddle for fast and precise ball flight. The stiffer carbon will help you create more twists and springy returns. That helps optimize your motion with minimum fatigue and maximal speed.

You will be delighted with the incredible sensitivity and widened sweet spot area. Durable construction provides forward and sides turns, while also helping to maximize power transfer for lightning speeds.

This racket is good at spin and speed, but it requires some skills to control it. It is suitable for attacking players that are more inclined to deliver distance shots.

This product offers an affordable price, but that is not what makes you buy it yet. Pro Carbon is not only saving cost but also has a more lasting value with a replaceable rubber coat. That means it is not needed to buy a new paddle.

What Are The Downsides?

The metal bar adds weight to the newbie. The grip is also lightly rough for hold in hand. However, it can improve the situation with the aid of fabric or rubber wrap around the grip.

Control rating of 80 is not fine for beginners, you will have difficulty getting the ball to exactly where you want if you do not have skills.

It requires experience to control it. Because of the lightning speed, a defensive player will find it difficult to handle.

What Do We Think?

If you are a mid-level player, then you can not ignore Pro Carbon. It will make your performance more energetic and skillful.

Spin and speed are the features we like the most. You will predict thunderous and precise hits by looking at its high scores.

The control rating of 80 is not its downside. The difficulty allows you to enhance your skills and gain experience in the game. It also creates a sense of challenge to make the game more interesting.

If you are using a cheaper and lower-quality paddle, then this upgraded version will please you. We do not think this paddle will let you down. Its price alone makes you want to give it a try.

But do not expect it much if you are a newbie. Because you will find it a bit difficult to control the direction of the ball if your skill is not enough.


Do you have our Stiga Pro Carbon review? Looking at the features and specifications alone is not enough for a buying decision.

First, you need to comprehend your gameplay and understand your level. The best paddle is the one that suits your habit and preference.

Remember that before allowing yourself to get frustrated with an item, you need to take time to adjust to it. Once you are familiar with the character and temperament of Pro Carbon, then you will recognize it as one of the best paddles.

To sum up, if you have any questions yet, feel free to leave a comment and message below for 24/7 support.