STIGA Advantage Ping Pong Table Review: Worth Your Cash?

This STIGA Advantage Ping Pong Table Review will focus on the ping pong table of this great brand.

If you are searching for an affordable ping pong table of great quality, you must have a look at STIGA Advantage.

Since its establishment in 1944, STIGA is now one of the most recommended ping pong table brands.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and learn more about its astonishing products.


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STIGA Advantage Ping Pong Table Reviews

STIGA Advantage Ping Pong Table Review will introduce you to three key versions of the product in question. Stick around for more details.

1. STIGA Advantage Pro Tournament

STIGA Advantage Tournament

“This product is a quality indoor table tennis for professional player “

Product highlights:

  • Quickly and easy for setup
  • Storage and setup convenient
  • Excellent playability
  • Easily attach and remove net

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The first version of STIGA Advantage is called the Pro Tournament. I put this version on top as it is my top pick for you among the three.

What I Like

The quality of the STIGA Advantage Pro Tournament is sublime. As the name suggests,  this model is built for professional players to enjoy the game. Thus, don’t be surprised if you see this table appear in some big and important matches.

It has a very smooth surface, along with a durable and long-lasting net. Your table will always be divided into two equal areas, regardless of how strong the ball hits the table’s net.

Besides, putting this ping pong table together is also straightforward, as most of its structure is pre-assembled. All there is to do is to attach the wheels and install the net. And there you are, ready to play!

Another remarkable element of this model is its 4-inch lockable casters. These premium wheels will guarantee you the most effortless transporting experience ever. In other words, this Pro Tournament table achieves top-notched portability.

On top of those features, this STIGA Advantage version provides a very consistent bounce to your playing experiences. This trait is owing to the sturdy steel apron and the 5/8-inch MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) surface.

This model’s undercarriage is impressively robust. It includes a group of four thick steel legs with attached levelers. This handy height configuration allows you to raise or lower the levelness of your designated area. I must admit that this feature is handy.

What I Don’t Like

One drawback of this version is that the table is quite heavy. The table’s weight reaches up to 211 pounds. Although you can fold and store it conveniently, moving up and down the stairs would not be an ideal solution.

Quick Rundown


  • Durable net and post set
  • Effortless portability
  • Robust undercarriage
  • Consistent bounce


  • Quite heavy

2. STIGA Advantage Lite Recreational

Stiga Advantage Lite Recreational

“This product is indoor table tennis perfect for entry-level and family play, is a lightweight”

Product highlights:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable for and even bounce
  • Easy transportability

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The second model of STIGA Advantage is its Lite Recreational version. Although it does not belong to the tournament league, this Lite model is suitable for family play and guarantees hours of entertainment.

What I like

Similar to the Pro Tournament, you will receive a 95-percent pre-assembled ping pong table after unboxing the product. The remaining 5 percent includes just wheel and screw installation. This whole assembly process may take you only 10 minutes or so.

It comes with a 72-inch premium net and a clamp post system. The whole set allows you to attach and remove it from the ping pong table in a matter of seconds just by squeezing.

Its tabletop is 1/2-inch in thickness, the lowest among the three versions. Thus, it does not support the bouncing experience as well as the other two. You will find the ball bounce and move more slowly on this version than on thicker surfaces.

Yes, trust me that its thickness will still provide you a decent playtime. Besides, this table surface has a superbly coated finish, so its bounce on such a thin table may surprise you.

The Lite version comprises two wholly separated pieces. Thanks to that feature, the two halves can nest together for more compact storage.

What I Don’t Like

One disadvantage of this version is still its heavyweight. As the two table halves are separated, it takes two persons to flip the whole thing together.

Another drawback lies in its weak legs located underneath the ping pong table. They can tear away during assembly, due to only two small screws holding the legs together.

Quick Rundown


  • 95-percent preassembled
  • Compact storage
  • Straightforward installation
  • 72-inch premium net


  • Heavy
  • Weak legs

3. STIGA Advantage competition-ready Indoor

Stiga Advantage Competition-Ready

“This product is perfect for your home or office”

Product highlights:

  • QuickPlay design for easy and quick setup
  • Effortlessly roll and transport table
  • Excellent playability
  • Easily attach and remove net

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If you are still unsure of what to choose after browsing through the two above models, you should check out STIGA’s high-end version called STIGA Advantage competition-ready Indoor. This model is ideal for both family plays and professional practices.

What I Like

Like other STIGA Advantage products, you will have access to the 10-minute Quickplay design of this model, as the table is pre-assembled up to 95 percent upon package receipt. You will need to attach the net and install only eight bolts to achieve complete construction.

Additionally, this competition-ready Indoor version is also highly portable, owing to the 3 lockable casters. You will have an effortless time rolling and moving this table around the house.

Storing this sports equipment is straightforward also. This two-half table can fold up easily and accommodate only 3-4 square feet for storage. With such a heavyweight, that compact storing footprint is terrific.

You will find the usual 72-inch clamp-style net coming with the purchase. Its high quality lies in the premium cotton blend material. Also, a tension adjustment system is attached to the net and post set, making it ideal for beginners.

Its structure quality is top-notch with a very heavy table surface of 3/4-inch in thickness. The ping pong table’s undercarriage is exceptionally well-made as well.

What I Don’t Like

Unlike the two above models, you can only adjust the levelness on the legs located on the ends. This inconvenience might take you more time and energy in configuring the table height.

Moreover, the term “competition-ready” is quite misleading, as this table is not a professional setup. Its surface thickness is less than the standard 1-inch utilized in professional competitions. Therefore, do not expect this item to appear in world-class tournaments.

Another limit is its restriction in indoor play only. The STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor is suitable for family games only. So, search elsewhere if you are looking for professional stuff.

Quick Rundown


  • Very portable
  • 95-percent preassembled
  • Compact storage
  • Thick table surface


  • Can adjust levelness on legs located on the ends
  • Heavy

STIGA Advantage Competition Indoor vs Advantage Pro vs Advantage Lite

This section will provide more in-depth comparisons of the three STIGA Advantage versions of ping pong tables. This information will assist you in making a wise selection.

1. Table Surface’s Thickness

Surface thickness is the principal element defining the overall quality of a ping pong table. The thicker the table surface, the more professional experience it brings to the game.

All three versions of STIGA Advantage have a surface thickness under the 1-inch professional standard.

Specifically, the Lite Recreational has the lowest figure of 1/2 inch, suitable for beginners. If you move to the Pro Tournament model, you will find its thickness at the middle level of 5/8 inch. The Competition-Ready Indoor has the thickest surface of 3/4 inch.

In this category, I highly recommend the last option, as its surface thickness is the nearest to the international standard.

2. Top-Notch Portability

Top-Notch Portability And Durable Structure

All three models of STIGA Advantage possess great portability, thanks to the lockable casters coming with the table. However, their wheel sizes are different from one another.

Once again, the Lite Recreational tables have the smallest figure when it comes to one particular element. In this case, they have only 2-inch wheels.

The number for the Competition-Ready Indoor version is 3 inches, and the Pro Tournament models achieve the highest 4-inch figure.

Regardless of the wheel size, moving them around is equivalently easy.

3. Overall Construction

It would be a huge mistake to overlook the table’s undercarriage. A poorly-made undercarriage is similar to a useless ping pong table. Fortunately, this is not the case with STIGA Advantage models.

Both the Lite Recreational and Competition-Ready Indoor versions have 1.2-inch strong legs that support the sturdy structure of the table. The figure is further boosted to 1.5 inches for the Pro Tournament models, allowing for more extensive strength.

4. Applicable Purposes

Each STIGA Advantage model is suitable for a quite distinct set of users. If the Lite Recreational version is purely for family uses and beginners, the Competition-Ready Indoor and Pro Tournament tables are ideal for more advanced players with further practice.

However, always keep in mind that no STIGA Advance models reach the standard of professional tournaments.

5. Weight

As the name implies, the Lite Recreational is the lightest version among the three models, weighing only 145.5 pounds.

The weight increases as you move up the product grade. The Pro Tournament version weighs 181 pounds, and the Competition-Ready Indoor table is the heaviest one at 220 pounds.

All three versions can fold up for compact storage, despite the heavyweights, and achieve great portability (as discussed above).

6. Price

With a budget under 500 USD, you can easily pick between Lite Recreational and Pro Tournament models, as their prices are 332.49 USD and 499.99 USD, respectively.

However, if you can go beyond 500 USD, you should have a look at the Competition-Ready Indoor version, whose price is 794.99 USD.

All prices are posted on their official Amazon pages at the time of this writing.

STIGA Advantage Ping Pong Table

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis – FAQs

This section is dedicated to answering some of your most common questions about STIGA Advantage Table Tennis.

Q: Is STIGA a good brand?

Yes, STIGA is a reputed brand with a long history dated back to 1944 with its initial establishment in Sweden. After over 70 years of development, STIGA has risen to become one of the most loved brands for ping pong tables.

Q: Which is better, STIGA or Joola?

This question is tough to answer, as it depends on your preferences between the two brands. Therefore, I will list out several factors of each brand and let you answer for yourself.

Both brands have top durability with their products made from steel and wood that can endure humidity. Their products are foldable for compact storage as well.

However, STIGA is a more premium brand with higher price ranges. Its products have top-grade clamps designed for extended life.

Q: Where are STIGA Ping Pong tables manufactured?

Although STIGA’s current headquarter is in Italy, the company bases tis ping pong table plants in various countries worldwide, including Germany (Europe), China (Asia), and Mexico (North American).

Q: Can I use Ping pong tables outdoors?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Most ping pong table tops utilize MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) materials, which are only suitable for indoor play only. Ping pong tables would be prone to warping and swelling under direct contact with rainwater from external weather.

Q: Do STIGA ping pong tables come in different sizes?

STIGA ping pong tables are available in one full size only. However, you may achieve different sizes under different positions.

For normal play mode, the table would accommodate the full size of 60x108x30 inches. For the playback position, the item dimension would be 60x66x64 inches. The storage footprint would take 60x28x64 inches.


All in all, STIGA Advantage is one must-have ping pong table for family uses, owing to its superior quality and competitive price range. Although its products cannot match the standards of professional competitions, they are an excellent start for you to practice.

This STIGA Advantage Ping Pong Table Review has provided all essential information about the brand and its wonderful products. Hopefully, after reading the article, you can land your final purchase decision more easily.