What Happens If The Ball Hits Your Finger In Ping Pong?

Before you enter the ring, there is a certain ping pong rule set you have to learn. What happens if the ball hits your finger in ping pong? Let’s examine the rule book, see how it can happen, and learn how to avoid making this offense with us in this article!


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What Happens If The Ball Hits Your Finger In Ping Pong?

If you’ve ever hit a table tennis ball with a paddle, you’ve hit it with your finger/hand two or three times. It’s inevitable, especially if you’re a beginner to this game, given how short the paddle is and how close the hitting zone is to your hands.

If the ball hits your finger on the paddle’s hand, you are still safe from the rules.

It’s shocking, we know. Let’s examine the rulebook to see what the text really says.

1.   What Does The Rule Say?

Opening the ITTF ruleset, you’ll quickly realize that any ball hitting you under the wrist is not against the rule. You won’t be safe, however, if your hand AND your paddle hit the ball in whatever order. If the ball bounces twice, that’s your fault now.

You don’t have to worry too much about being faulted wrongly for this case. The referee will be able to spot how the ball changes route when it heads to you and listen to the hitting sound to determine what just happened.

It’s not easy to get faulted easily! Don’t worry!

To summarize, if the ball touches your hand above your wrist and it still manages to land on your opponent’s side of the table, it is still legal.

2.   How Does It Happen?

There are many reasons as to how it happens, and it’s almost different for every player level as well.

a.    You’re Unable To See The Ball:

This is the type of fault you may run into when you just start out a few games. It can be hard to aim for the general hitting zone, so your brain tries its best to have a spatial map of it and end up estimating too far.

If you can’t see the ball, you can’t hit it.

The advice many coaches will leave you is to bring your face closer to the ball level without putting your face directly at it. This can be done by adjusting your posture to be lower and more towards your opponent.

This posture change can also help you catch the ball more easily and improve your catch!

b.    Your Swings Are Not Stable:

This is as popular with intermediate players just as it is with novices.

When you’re new to the racket or new to a technique, your sense of aiming might be thrown off, and your shots will not be as accurate. The instability can also be caused by jumping around, as people are still in denial that ping pong is a sport that requires a lot of footwork and moving about.

What Happens If The Ball Hits Your Finger In Ping Pong

Footwork is very important in table tennis.

You can try to fix this by keeping the ping pong paddle close to your body, so you can manage its trajectory and practice your footwork. This is not an easy task to do, and you will see various professional players with very compact overall posture and calves as strong as steel.

Ask your coach about foot exercise and prepare yourself for stiff legs afterward since you’re going to need it for stable shots!

c.     You’re Unable To Respond To Sudden Changes:

A lot of intermediate-level players run into this problem upon requesting a more challenging game with their partner.

You may react too slowly, and the drill can be so quick and powerful that it catches you off guard; the result is still the same. This fault is exceptionally prominent for those who use anti-rubbers, which serves to deceive your opponent. The chance of you meeting an anti-rubber user is extremely low, but once you meet them, they will be very unpredictable.

To counter this kind of playstyle, as a player, you have to train your reflexes and expand your kit.

3.   Other Detailed Rules:

  • As we’ve mentioned, if you hit the ball with your paddle hand, you’re safe. But if the ball touches your other hand, you’ve violated the rules.
  • Moving the platform/table, having the wall, or your clothes retaliate your shot for you is also illegal.
  • You also cannot change rackets during a match unless it breaks or otherwise becomes too deformed to be used.


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And that marks the end of this article. “What happens if the ball hits your finger in ping pong?” We hope the answer is now crystal clear and you find the article helpful to your future games.

If you have any further questions regarding the topic, don’t forget to contact us for your inquiries!