What Ping Pong Balls Are Used In The Olympics?

As we all know, the Olympics is an international sports festival, which is held once every four years. And obviously, not all ping pong balls are legal for this global festival. So what ping pong balls are used in the Olympics? keep scrolling through the following article, and the answer will be unveiled soon.


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What Ping Pong Balls Are Used In The Olympics?

For an official and global competition like the Olympics, the balls in all table tennis matches must have some typical physical properties.


An international table tennis ball should have a 40mm diameter. However, sometimes there is some insignificant degree of manufacturing. The table tennis ball then could be around 40mm to 40.6 mm. Also, the average diameter of a ball sample is between 40 and 40.5 mm.


The official weight for a ping pong ball is 2.7g. Normally, a ball weighs around 2.67 and 2.77 grams. The ITTF then will pick 24 balls and calculate the mean sample between 2.69 and 2.76 grams. One ball out of those 24 samples may reach out of the acceptable range.


In terms of color, you have two options: orange and white.

Either of these options will depend on the player’s personal preference


We should be careful in choosing the ping pong balls’ brand as the Olympics committee wants to stay in line with the international table tennis federation.  This is because the international table tennis federation (ITTF) is the organization that is responsible for approving your balls’ brand. If your ball brand has the ITTF approval, it means they have the international standard.  Here is some top balls brand all over the world you can refer to:

  • Nittaku (Japanese brand)
  • Joola ( Germany brand)
  • DHS ( Chinese brand)
  • Double Fish (Chinese brand)
  • Butterfly ( Chinese brand)

Olympics table tennis balls

Joola balls for olympics

How Are Balls Tested And Approved?

In the entrance testing for a candidate ball, there are four criteria you should take into consideration.


The very first factor we should care for is the qualitative criteria. It is about the candidate ball’s appearance. Make sure that the seam, stamp, and packaging are all well-done. There should be no mistakes here.


The quantitative criteria are all numerical specifications. The weight and size of the candidate ball must be equal to the ball requirements according to the festival announcement.


The marking criteria evaluate the balls’ brand and data code.


As mentioned above, all candidate balls must have the international standard, which is approved by the international table tennis federation.

Are There Different Balls For Men And Women?

This is also a question that attracts a lot of attention. In some games, men and women use different equipment when playing. However, here in tennis matches, there is no ball regulation for men and women. All candidates play the same ball with the requirements above.


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To sum up, an official tennis ball must have a 40mm diameter, 2,7grams in weight, and have two colors: orange and white. Also, it must have an international brand and pass some more entrance competition testing. So what ping pong balls are used in the Olympics? Now we bet you have got your answer!