Pro Tips On How To Make A Ping Pong Paddle Out Of Cardboard

Are you fond of table tennis? And have you also spent a lot of time struggling to choose a high-quality table tennis racket? If so, we bet that this blog can save your day. In the article, we will offer you ways on how to make a ping pong paddle out of cardboard. The prospect of having to deal with a wide range of options in many stores will no longer exist; you can make it on your own!

Let’s dive into our short-and-sweet instructions now!

Capture the way to make a table tennis racket out of cardboard


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How To Make A Ping Pong Paddle Out Of Cardboard

Step 1: Prepare A Template By Printing/ Downloading Or Drawing The Template

Firstly, you have to prepare a table tennis paddle template.

Have no idea what a table tennis racket template is? Pay this link a visit, and you can have tons of templates that show how many parts and sizes of a table tennis racket. Feel free to download or print the draft.

Copy the form of real table tennis on your handmade one

Besides, you also can use and copy the form of an actual table tennis paddle by drawing it on cardboard for a template.

Step 2: Determine The Size of a Cardboard Paddle

Three main elements of a paddle

Each table tennis paddle has three main components: a rubber, a blade, and a handle. However, with a paddle from cardboard, we recommend you focus on two key parts: the handle and the blade.

Note that every element comes in different sizes and numbers of layers for superior quality to your manual paddles. And you should know which part is suitable for which manipulation.

When it comes to the blade of a racket, it is advisable that you choose 1/4″ cardboard with approximately 8×10 inches in size. For a handle of this sort of section, consider a certain 1/4″ solid cardboard with around 2×8 inches.

After determining the size, utilize a pen to draw along with the dimension directed on the cardboard.

Then, use spray adhesive or glue to stick the cardboard paddle sample to the template.

Step 3: Trimming, Sanding, and Gumming

In this stage, you will conduct those below manipulation: cutting, then sanding, and gumming.

When the gluing process is done, move on to cut the cardboard off the temple following the form of the sample. It would help if you sanded their edge’s section until these pieces are smooth and nice.

At the next stage, use epoxy adhesive or glue to gum the two handle parts together, and don’t forget to wait for them to dry. When those part’s edges are dried already, sand them rigorously and carefully again.

Step 4: Painting Blades

In order to finish the table tennis paddle from cardboard, please use a certain kind of clear paint or lacquer to spray the paddle’s coat. In the second option for this type of paint, you should apply multi-layers for optimal results.

Thus, if you are going to form your paddle’s ideas, then the colors and sort of painting need to be considered.

Step 5: Finish Your Paddle

You need to pick between sandpaper and rubber to complete the cardboard racket.

These materials will cover the paddle’s blades. As a result, it’s better to know which coat you want, depending on your playing style. Rubbers are ideal for a spin, and sandpaper is perfect in terms of speed.

For instance, if you prefer to follow an offensive style, your priority should be rubbers on your paddle. You can take advantage of the spray adhesive to stick the rubber to the cardboard blades, then utilize a specific razor blade to cut off extra pieces.

Moreover, using a cardboard layer to apply on its handle, which enhances the level of the solid part. This action will better support your playing skill.

Tada, you already owned a table tennis racket out of cardboard.

Having four steps to make a ping-pong racket


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We bet that you can now capture thoroughly how to make a table tennis paddle out of cardboard properly. Are you confident to apply our above guide to make a table tennis paddle from cardboard by yourself now?

Good luck to you, and thank you for your time to read our blog.

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