How To Clean A Ping Pong Table – A Foolproof Guide

As a rule of thumb, things get dirty over time if you don’t give them a proper cleaning route, and the ping pong table is no exception. Good maintenance is a prerequisite for your perfect gameplay, so learning how to clean a ping pong table on a surface is one of the essential steps you have to take.

Sounds complicated? Don’t know where to start? What is the best way to clean a tennis table? Do not worry; we got your back. Here we offer you a foolproof guide on ways to clean a table to facilitate your cleaning process.

Read on, and you are good to go!

Why Cleaning Your Ping Pong Table Is Of Great Importance?

Why Cleaning Your Surface Is Of Great Importance?

“Because I want to increase the aesthetics of my tennis table” “It has ugly stains or spills that need cleaning.” You may come up with many causes due to external impact. However, don’t you know that even without any stains or spills, you need to follow a consistent cleaning procedure as dirty tennis tables can:

Be An Invisible Obstacle For Your Gameplay

This is understandable because when there is a lot of dust or dirt on the surface, the ball stands a higher chance of bouncing or spinning incorrectly. It becomes less consistent, and this, as a result, affects your gameplay.

Make The Paddles Dirty

Dirt and dust can risk spreading because, with each bounce, the ping-pong table allows dirt on its surface to come into contact with your paddle. The tackiness of your paddle will greatly diminish, thereby affecting the quality of the spin you create.

Can’t Last Long

There is nothing worse than that a product we buy degrades after only a short period of use, and this case will apply to your tennis table if you don’t offer it the proper care to preserve its longevity and value.

Things You Should Avoid

Do Not Use Harsh Cleansers

Do you think household cleaners can lend you a helping hand? The answer is NO. Most of them are too strong for the more fragile surface. It would be better to take advantage of the cleaning products designed for table tennis. Making a simple DIY solution is also a good idea!

Don’t Let It Get Too Wet

Indoor tennis tables are susceptible to water and moisture. However, that does not mean that tables designed for external use are waterproof. The surface of the table should be protected from excessive moisture.

These materials are usually wood, which can absorb moisture and lead to loss of shape. You should use a moderate amount of water to make sure the tennis table is completely dry.

How Often Should You Clean?

How often you use a ping-pong table will determine the frequency you need to clean it. Also, this frequency depends on the level of dirtiness from the surroundings and other factors. Normally, if your tennis table is stored in an uncovered condition or in a dirty or dusty environment such as a garage, cleaning it once a week or before each use is reasonable.

How to Clean a ping pong table

Products You Will Need

  • Table Tennis Table Cleaner: it will do a great job of turning your table tennis table back to its mint condition. According to some Ping-pong table reviews, Butterfly Ping-Pong Cleaner is a good buy.
  • Vinegar: For the best use of vinegar, combine water (2 cups) with distilled white vinegar (half a cup).
  • Warm Water: Considered the optimal detergent, a warm amount of water can be good enough to clean table tennis. As mentioned above, water that can seep into your table can change the surface texture, so it is necessary to act quickly when cleaning the table with water to avoid damage.
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Sponge


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How To Clean a ping pong table

Take the net off the table

Firstly! To have a clean table for play ping-pong, you must be able to get in contact with its surface, and removing the net is essential. The net will be cleaned separately in the next step.

Wipe off the dust on the surface

Using a cloth and gently wiping will help remove any dirt that may build upon it. In this case, soft towels are more appreciated as they will limit damaging the table’s surface. This is a very simple step and it does not take much time, so don’t forget to do it after each game to ensure the ping pong table is always clean.

Time for the cleaner to take effect

Homemade cleaners will do their best at this step as well because their effectiveness is just as great as the detergents you can buy! Just prepare water and vinegar. As mentioned above, you can combine 2 cups of water with a one-second cup of distilled white vinegar to make a DIY mixture.

Get the net cleaned – How to clean a ping pong table

The time to clean the net is yet to come. To clean the net, use your homemade cleaner, and soak it in the cleaner in 10 minutes. After that, take it out and dry it under the sun. You can clean the net once every three months.

Put the netback

Once the surface of your ping-pong table is clean, and the net is dry, it’s time to put them together. When the cleaning process is complete, use a special lubricant to lubricate the metal on the table. This one will make your table clean for longer and offer a better look as well!

How to keep clean

Regular cleaning is needed! If the table gets dirty during gameplay, clean the table after using it, and store it in a dry and dirt-free place.

It is good to store it in sheltered areas. This will prevent stains and damage from sticking to the table and damaging the surface.

The Bottom Line

A clean tennis table will not only inspire you to play the game but also give you more favorable conditions for the gameplay. In this article, we have shown you some useful tips on how to clean a tennis table and methods to keep it perfect. Make sure you follow the right order for the best results.

Thanks for your time!

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