How To Clean A Ping Pong Paddle – Detailed Instruction

For ping pong beginners, choosing an ideal paddle is not simple at all, yet how to clean a ping pong paddle them after every playing session is also equally important. As this sports equipment is easy to accumulate dirty particles after a time of use, many of you might not know how to keep it tidy in the right way. Therefore, it leads to ruin the paddles’ quality as time goes by.

In today’s article, we will guide you on how to clean a ping pong paddle with detailed instructions like cleaning tools, methods, and things to avoid. Let’s start this article with the first part of what to use for tidying table tennis rackets. Let’s kick right in!


What To Use To Clean A Table Tennis Paddle?

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What To Use To Clean A Ping Pong Paddle?

Ping pong paddles are commonly made from laminated wood and rubber layers covering the two sides. Therefore, to tidy this sports equipment, you will have to use the following tools:

Cloths And Sponges

Utilizing either a sponge or a soft cloth will help you clean the bats with ease instead of a rough brush. Sweep over the surface of the paddle, again and again, to chase the dust away! But don’t forget to apply the sponge with some water!


When it comes to a liquid solution, warm water will help to clean the oil dirt that sticks on the bat. You have to soak the sponge into the water before rubbing gently on the table tennis paddle’s surfaces!

Cleaning ping pong paddles helps you handle the game better.

Rubber Cleaner

We suggest you apply a rubber cleaner in case sponge and water could not solve the issue. Also, this cleaner has foam and spray options for users to choose from.

Specialty Products

The next tool we want to mention as a special cleaning option is the ping pong racket care kit. The greatest feature of this product is the mixture of a cleaner in the form of foam with a spongy structure that tidies the racket better. Also, using cleaning kits will surely be cheaper than purchasing a new racket.

Alcohol for How to clean a ping pong paddle

You may utilize alcohol as an alternative cleaning solution for contaminated rackets. However, be careful! The negative trait of this liquid is it evaporates quickly and makes the rubber worsen over time.

Baking Soda

In our opinion, baking soda brings us a great experience in making things tidier. Although this powder can be harmful to the surface of a table tennis paddle, it removes all the stains perfectly.

How To Clean A Ping Pong Paddle

How to clean a ping pong paddle

In this part, we would like to instruct you step by step on how to remove table tennis bat residue. Details as following:

Method 1: Clean After You Play By Water – How to clean a ping pong paddle

Clean Your Table Tennis Paddle After Every Game

Indeed, your paddle tends to build up dust and oil during the games. These pollutants are mostly from your hands and table tennis balls. However, you don’t be in a hurry; take a clean cloth and wipe on the paddles gently. This way helps save the rubber texture from wearing flat. Furthermore, it removes all the dust and prevents the paddle from accumulating contaminants.

Dip A Sponge Or A Piece of Cloth Into A Water Bowl

The next step is adding water for cleaning. Store approximately 500 ml of fresh water in a bowl!

There are requirements for both tools: water should not be too hot, and the sponge must be soft and clean. You had better avoid using cold water because it will make the rubber harden and ruin the paddle.

When everything is prepared, soak a part of the sponge into the water until it gets wet partly. From our experience, you should keep the handled part dry as it will help you control the tidying work better and easier.

Wipe Away Two Sides Of The Paddle

You may think wiping all over the surface of the paddle is fine. But you are wrong!

First, use one hand to keep the paddle at its handle. Then, use another hand with sponge clean up. Do this several times with a parallel wiping line until you clean all the surfaces of the racket. Do it again on the other side!

Also, there are two things that you must pay attention to here:

– Avoid wiping again and again on the rubber surface! Because if you do so, the dirt will get stuck within the rubber features.

– Wipe gently instead of pressing the sponge strongly on the rubber! This will help you save the texture of your paddles.

Wipe The Handle With A Dry Cloth To Get Rid Of Sweat And Oil

The handle is considered a place that you must pay attention to. The more you use the rackets, the greasier it will get. Our solution is to take a piece of cloth that is made from microfiber. Then, wrap it around the handle. You also can use a wipe to replace the microfiber in advance. Because both of these materials help absorb sweat from your palms quickly.

Let the Racket Dry Well Before You Store It

Finally, put your racket under the shade and let it get dry naturally. Depending on the air temperature, it will take around an hour for this tool to completely dry out. Many people have asked us whether the cleaning water can leak in and make the wood layers worse. As long as you only clean the rubber surface, then all are fine! Because this is a water-resistant material.

Method 2: Cleaning After You Play By Paddle Clean

Use Dish Soap and Water To Remove Clean Oily Stains

Oily stain is one of the common dirt on the paddles. And it is caused by hand sweating when you place your palm and fingers on the handles. Although this dirt can’t ruin the rubber layers right away, it brings ping pong players uncomfortable feelings.

Interestingly, the simple combination between soap and water can help remove this type of dirt. First, you have to prepare a small bowl of water (approximately 500ml). Next, mix the solutions after adding a piece of soap into the water. Then, soak either a cloth or a sponge into the newly created liquid. Finally, rub the cloth following circular motions to take away the oily stains.

Use Diluted Alcohol To Remove Larger Stains And Sticky Residue

After the first step with soap and water, there may be larger stains and sticky residue left. In this case, you should use alcohol to remove them completely.

With this method, you will have to prepare a solution of water (2 parts) and alcohol (1 part). Dip the cloth into this liquid, and softly wipe away the tough contaminants.

Opt For An Optimal Rubber Cleaner To Recondition The Rubber’s Tack

We recommend you pay attention to the rubber’s tack during the cleaning process as it plays an important role in making the stickiness of the paddles. In most cases, it will be difficult for the players to handle the game when their racket is either too sticky or too smooth.

Therefore, you should use a special type of foam or rubber cleaner to rub all over the surfaces of rackets and move to other sides. Do it several times and let it dry. This process will recover the original conditions of the rubber and also help restore the tack on the product.

Keep The Paddle In A Protective Case When You Aren’t Using It

We often store the paddles in the microfiber cloth case to protect them better from dust. These bags are commonly sold with rackets.  Sometimes, you might lose this bag for any reason. Don’t worry! You can easily find them in offline sports equipment stores or purchase them online.

Thing You Should Avoid While Cleaning Your Ping Pong Paddles

Abrasive Scrubbers

Using an abrasive scrubber to clean the racket is never a good idea. The rough structure of this mop could destroy the soft surface of the racket even when you clean softly. Thus, if you are about to try this cleaning tool, we advise you to think about a better solution!

Harsh Cleaning Products

Similar to abrasive scrubbers, cleaning products with harsh cleaning characters like detergents, vinegar also shouldn’t be applied. Although their feature is to tidy things, it doesn’t perform its proper function on rubber material. To be sure, read the instructions from the manufacturer carefully when buying cleaning items.

How To Keep Your Paddle Better

Prevent It From Drying Out

It would be best if you do not leave your table tennis paddle in a dry environment because rubber is especially susceptible to dryness and moisture. In case you ignore it for a long period of time, it will actually crack and shrink!

Avoid UV and  Sunlight Damage

The rubber will be bleached and dried when exposed to ultraviolet light. For that reason, players should keep their paddles away from light sources (like the hot sunny windows).

Extreme Temperature

Rubber can easily break down in extreme temperatures. To put it simply, you had better not only clean your table tennis paddle on a regular basis but also properly store it to maintain its best quality.

Keep the Surface Clean

Last but not least, routine cleaning your table tennis table is a must-thing to do. It is because when the ball connects with your ball, it gradually gathers up dust and dirt, which is then moved to your racket.

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The Bottom Line!

Many of you might think that conditionings and competing skills are more important in playing table tennis. However, having good sports equipment is necessary as well. Through this article, we hope you now know how to clean a ping pong paddle in the right way and enjoy this interesting sport more!