How Is Table Tennis Different From Any Other Racquet Sports?

Table tennis and racquet sports are considered effective methods to help players train the whole body. Some often confuse these sports with each other. So, how is table tennis different from other racquet sports? Join us to find out for a clearer comparison between ping pong and other racquet sports!

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How Is Table Tennis Different From Any Other Racquet Sports?

There are many differences between ping pong and other racquet sports. Because each game will bring in its unique features with its challenges and rules for players.

How can ping pong be distinguished from other racquet sports?

We will help you distinguish it from other sports through a few basic factors such as:

  • Playground
  • Racket used
  • Ball-type
  • Playing speed
  • Playing skills
  • Rule


When participating in any sport, preparing the playing area is essential. And whether it’s table-tennis, badminton or tennis, you need a court with a suitable design.

You can see a solid training ground with a net in the middle in badminton. Or it could be a wide field in lawn tennis.

But with table-tennis, there seem to be no requirements for the training ground. Because it is a distance sport and the playing area is set up on a rectangular table. The table will be divided into 2 regions by partitions and a small grid.

You can play ping pong indoors or outdoors. Therefore, the weather will no longer be an issue that can affect your game.

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Racket used

Between racquet sports, there is a huge difference in the racquet a player will use.

Racquets used in badminton or tennis will be designed with a wide face and woven strings to form a net to support the ball.

Meanwhile, the table-tennis racket is like a wooden paddle, and the sides are covered with rubber to increase the ball’s bounce.

The weight of the racket in each sport is also different. Badminton racquets are usually light, have a long handle with a tight racquet made of soft strings. The tennis racket is a bit heavy, and the head is also more solid.


Besides racquets, the type of ball used for each game is not the same.

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Ping pong is considered a smaller and lighter ball than other sports balls. The weight of ping pong is only about 2.7 grams. Spherical ball made of plastic fiber and hollow inside.

In a table tennis match, players will have to create bounces for the ball so that this design will help.

In contrast, a tennis ball is similar in size to a ping pong ball but weighs much more. Because the ball is made of vulcanized rubber with an outer layer of felt.

And badminton does not use a ball but uses a small ball of foam and feathers. Lightweight helps badminton fly high in every hit.

Playing speed

The speed of playing the ball is another difference that helps us distinguish table-tennis from other sports.

Any game needs flexibility and agility. But the requirements in table tennis are higher. Because players need to control the ball on a small table. Ping Pong is light, easy to bounce, and moves quite quickly. Therefore, players also need high agility to score.

Next to table tennis is Squash. The players must take turns making racquet strokes at proper positions on the four walls of the playing court. The game requires precision and smooth coordination.

Besides, with badminton or tennis, the playing field is wider. So, the matches are also quite slow.

Playing skills

One of the differences that we want to help you distinguish between racquet games is the batting skill. Each sport will have different skill and competition requirements.

It can be grip, posture, or ability to hit the ball. Players need to comply with having the most accurate and effective ball movements.

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Let’s compare table tennis with some popular racquet sports such as badminton, tennis or Squash.

Ping pong vs badminton

Badminton is one of the sports with the most differences from other racquet sports, especially ping pong.

A badminton racket will be about 66 – 68 cm long with a weight of only 70 to 95g. Meanwhile, the paddle design is only 17cm long, 15cm wide, with a minimum weight of 250g.

If the badminton racket uses string to form the net. The two sides of the table tennis racket are covered with rubber. And these two rubber sides will often be different and distinguished by two colors. Red and black are for players to easily adjust the ball’s bounce.

The scoring method of table tennis and badminton is quite similar. The player who reaches 21 points and at least 2 points more than the remaining player will be the winner. Or the game will also be extended when both reach 29 points with extra time to decide the winner.

Table tennis vs tennis

Table tennis is considered a new version of tennis, and players can compete indoors. However, the playing area of ​​ping pong is only as small as a rectangular table. The tennis court requires a larger size (about 24m long, 11m wide in doubles, and 8.2m wide in singles).

Another difference is in the weight and the polishing material we mentioned above. Tennis balls are heavier and larger, often with an extra layer of optical yellow on the outside. This makes it easier for players to detect the ball’s position.

The scoring of tennis is also different from that of ping pong. In addition, speed is also a point to pay attention to between these two sports.

Ping Pong players need to have extremely flexible, agile, and precise hands. Because the ball only moves about 3m while in tennis, the ball’s path is up to 20m.

Table tennis vs Squash

Squash is like ping-pong that a player can also play indoors. In Squash, players need to try to hit the ball into the specified positions on the 4 walls. They can move in the entire playing field without limitation.

Therefore, this is also a game associated with errors due to competition and intentional collisions between players during the game.

How Is Table Tennis Different From Any Other Racquet Sports


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sports require a racket?

Currently, there are 4 popular racquet sports that you can choose from:

  • Ping pong
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Squash

Table Tennis Different From Any Other Racquet Sports

2. What is the ping pong advantage?

Any sport will bring benefits if you can choose a proper exercise regimen, and so is ping pong. Here are some benefits of playing ping pong that we can mention:

  • First, ping pong helps maintain the flexibility and agility of the entire body.
  • Next, it helps to improve the coordination of the parts of the body.
  • Improves health due to the body’s ability to sweat and improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • Players are less likely to experience serious injuries while playing table tennis than other sports.
  • This game is suitable for people of all ages.
  • Table tennis is a physical activity that connects players and creates fun
  • You can play football without worrying about weather obstacles such as rain or shine.

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Above is our detailed answer to the question about the difference between table tennis with any other racquet sport. If you have any other suggestions, please comment below the article and share this useful information with everyone.