Common Table Tennis Injuries And How To Avoid Them?

Table tennis is a sport that requires hand dexterity. And besides that, it also needs to be alert and quick of the eyes. This sport is also very easy to attract viewers’ eyes because of the drama. Table tennis also has another name that many people also call Ping Pong. When playing this sport people are most concerned about injuries. Let’s find out some information about common table tennis injuries and how to avoid them?

Pay attention when playing ping pong to avoid injury

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Common table tennis injuries and how to avoid them?

There are many common types of table tennis injuries such as muscle strain, calf, knee, shoulder, etc. Any sport with intense activity can cause injury. It is even possible that an injury has long-term health effects. Let’s learn more via the information below.

Muscle tension injury

Muscle tension is one of the most common injuries you can experience. When you move suddenly in different directions, your muscles will be overstretched. For newbies, tired muscles in the early stages of getting used to body movements. You can experience muscle tension in many different muscle areas: shoulders, neck, back, arms, hands, and hamstrings.

To avoid this injury, you should not play too much in the beginning. Until the body gets used to the different movements.

In addition, you should also warm up at least 10 minutes before participating in table tennis matches. Warm-up will help remove muscle stiffness and help them relax so they don’t strain while playing. Furthermore, the warm-up also improves blood circulation and warms up your muscles for better mobility.

When you encounter this injury, you need to treat it promptly. That is by temporarily applying ice and heat. It is more serious at first than needing to see a doctor.

Calf injury

You can easily strain or even tear your calf muscles while playing. When you feel the tension in your calves, the muscles in this area are tense. At this time, you should rest so that the muscles are not overstretched.

The more active you are, the more likely you are to strain your calf muscles. Standing continuously for long periods of time can also lead to this type of injury. Constantly moving makes your muscles easily fatigue, thereby increasing the risk of a calf injury.

One of the best ways to avoid calf strain is to rest. In most cases, this may be all you need. Make sure you let those muscles rest for a day or two before playing again. If your muscles are rested and relaxed before playing, the risk of injury is less.

Treating this type of injury is relatively easy, you just need to rest the muscles. In cases where you are in extreme pain as well as the pain persists in several days, you should consult your doctor. Experts may assign you physical therapy to help your muscles heal.

Knee Injury

When playing table tennis, you have to constantly move quickly from left to right, so the knee is very vulnerable. You can even twist your knee, leading to rupture of ligaments and tendons.

The more time you spend playing table ping pong, the more likely you are to get a knee injury. One way to avoid this type of injury is to wear a strap or wrap your knee while playing.

Keeping yourself in good physical shape is also one way to avoid this type of injury while playing. If you have injured your knee, you should consult your doctor. In some severe cases, surgery may be indicated. You may also need physical therapy for long-term treatment of this type of injury.

table tennis injuries and how to avoid them
Table tennis injuries – Knee injuries, source:

Shoulder injury

With ping pong players, shoulder injuries are very common. Excessive movement can lead to injury if you are not careful.

The best way to avoid a shoulder injury is to not overwork the shoulder muscles. Make sure you are maintaining the correct posture while playing. Keeping the shoulder in the proper position will help prevent this type of injury.

If you have a shoulder injury, you should seek medical attention and treatment as soon as possible. If you have pain after playing for more than 24 hours, talk to your doctor.

What are the benefits of ping pong?

Although it has injuries, it is not too serious. You just need to find out the information about common table tennis injuries. Besides, this sport also brings a lot of benefits to players.

Playing ping pong will help strengthen bones. Because players exercise every day, it increases bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Especially for elderly people with high levels of osteoporosis. When playing these sports will help the body reduce brittleness and age-related bone loss, it is important to choose the right intensity exercise for you.

This game is also very good for the cardiovascular system. Digestion is also improved when playing. Because when playing ping pong, I am active and drink a lot of water.

When playing sports in general and table tennis in particular, enhance the health of players. So when you practice and play this game regularly, you will have abundant health. There is a great resistance to fight against everyday diseases.

Common Table Tennis Injuries And How To Avoid Them?

There are many benefits to playing

What skills do players need when playing?

Playing table tennis is not natural but can be played. Because this sport is not everyone can play by themselves. You need to equip basic skills such as serving table tennis, receiving the ball, hitting the ball.

The skill of passing ping pong to the opponent (serve the ball)

Serving is a mandatory technique that every player must know. Serve the ball if understood simply as you hit the ball to the opponent. Can serve sidespin, serve fast, serve along the side.

Catching skill

If you want to catch the ball well, you need to determine a good standing position. Next is to judge the direction and spin of the ball. Not only can he block the ball, but he can also counter-attack the opponent.

Ball return skills

Return the ping-pong to the opponent just hit the hand, block, and handle to cross the ball back. To create this shot you just need to hold the racket correctly, determine the direction of the ball. Place the ping pong racket in the right position of the ball to create a bounce to create a counterattack position.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to warm up before playing table tennis?

This is a very necessary thing that you need to do before playing. Not only this sport but almost all sports are necessary.

2. What is the most important thing when playing table tennis?

When playing this sport, you need to have the agility and dexterity of your hands. Use your eyes to watch carefully when the ball moves.

3. Is the ping pong ball big?

Compared to other types of balls, ping pong is smaller in size. It weighs only 2.7gm and has a diameter of 40mm.

4. How to calculate the score of table tennis?

The numbers to calculate the score are 15, 30, and 40. Each player will have to reach this score, whoever has the highest score wins.


Through the sharing of this article, you have known the information of common table tennis injuries and how to avoid them. Besides that, there are also some questions and related information needed. Hopefully, through that, you will equip yourself with more knowledge of the sport of table tennis.

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