Best Ping Pong Table Cover – Worthy Investment

The best ping pong table cover will help you protect your expensive table. This convenient product offers basic features like dustproof, water resistance, and UV protection.

But, some products give you more than that. Our suggestions are going to show you more information. You will approach the latest features and a helpful shopping guide.

Let’s get to it.

Best Ping Pong Table Cover – Comparison Chart

Currently, there are hundreds of brands supplying table tennis accessories. But, our recommendations allow you to get quality products at affordable prices.

Product Images Product Names Editor's Rating Price
Covermates Upright Cover 4.9 See Latest Price
Classic Accessories Veranda Water 4.8 See Latest Price
Covermates Ping Pong Table Cover 4.8 See Latest Price
STIGA Indoor / Outdoor Premium Table Cover 4.7 See Latest Price
JOOLA Dual Function Indoor 4.7 See Latest Price
LYHNMW Table Tennis Cover 4.7 See Latest Price
Butterfly Weatherproof Table Cover 4.6 See Latest Price
Stanbroil Heavy-Duty Indoor/Outdoor Table Cover 4.6 See Latest Price
Podinor Table Tennis Cover Waterproof 4.5 See Latest Price
Kettler Premium Heavy-Duty Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor 4.5 See Latest Price


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Top 10 Best Ping Pong Table Cover Review

Now, get into the detailed reviews and make your decision!

#1 Covermates Upright Cover – Best For Full Coverage

See Latest Price

Covermates upright ping pong table cover offers reliable waterproof and dust resistance. It has zippers on the sides and straps at the bottom to help secure the cover over the folding table.

The design allows you to take it off and put it on. This is the best product that can last year-round without discoloration, cracks, or tears.

The fabric is thick and beautiful, and it feels solid. It is safe to use in the sun and low to moderate humidity.

We like the length of this product the most. Because it fits over the table leg. This benefit will ensure there won’t be any rust destroying your table.

But we’ve found that water can come in through the side zipper. This point needs to be improved.


  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Lightweight material
  • Thick fabric
  • Convenient zipper


  • Water leaks through the zipper

#2 Veranda Patio Cover – Best For Heavy-duty Protection

See Latest Price

The heavy-duty Gardelle-woven polyester creates an exceptional waterproof backing. Sturdy design with meticulous seams gives you a good experience.

Besides the basic features, it also enhances its performance with ventilation holes. This design reduces the temperature and prevents the accumulation of water vapor inside.

The 3-year warranty is a good deal for you. The seller has a team of real people. They are ready to consult and support you with product knowledge.

Besides that, we like straps for tying underneath the cover with table legs. Even on the windiest days, you don’t need to worry about your cover flying away.

But one thing we don’t like is that this product doesn’t cover all the table legs. That creates the risk of rust if you store your table in a humid environment.


  • Veranda gardelle fabric
  • Zippered access
  • Air Vents
  • Attachment straps
  • Three-year limited warranty


  • Does not cover the table legs

#3 Covermates Cover – Best For Playing-position Use

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Flat Covermates ping pong table cover protects the table in the playing position. Weather-resistant polyester allows you to use it outdoors for at least 2 years.

During this period, you will get any support thanks to the 2-year warranty. This is a worthy investment provided you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

This product prevents dust, dirt, scratches, and mold in normal weather conditions. It is not suitable for use in places with extreme climates.

It comes with a click-close strap that secures four corners of the cover with four table legs. You don’t have to worry about the wind going through your cover.

We regret that Covermates do not offer color diversity. You can only find a single black.


  • Lightweight material
  • Durable polyester
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Click-close support


  • Poor color option

#4 Stiga Indoor / Outdoor Premium Cover  – Best For Durable Use

See Latest Price

The composition that makes up the STIGA premium table cover is high-strength woven PE. This is a material commonly used in automobile tire manufacturing.

It gives excellent protection. Scratches, discoloration, and rust will never appear on all surfaces. This is a great accessory to prolong the life of your ping pong table.

Many customers have problems with the size of other products. Some covers are too tight to fit in, others are too large to cause trouble.

STIGA features innovative seams that provide resilience. This advantage allows the cover to adjust itself to the size of the object put into it.

Although this is a multi-purpose product, its outdoor functionality is not optimal. If you want to use it outside, then it should cover an outdoor table tennis table.


  • Designed to fit most tables
  • Durable woven pe material
  • For indoor or outdoor use


  • No UV resistant

#5 Joola Dual Function Cover  – Best For Dual Function

See Latest Price

The JOOLA dual function protects your table regardless of folding or playing position. It can cover over a net and is large enough to accommodate both the ball and the paddle.

The manufacturer recommends using it indoors. Even so, they design it as a waterproof coating for unexpected spills.

The price is suitable for lightweight nylon. It’s good enough to last for a while as long as you know how to preserve it.

The composition of the product does not allow you to use it outdoors. The thin material makes it useless under the sun, rain, and wind.


  • All-around protection
  • Net-compatible design
  • Dual function
  • Velcro attachment


  • Indoor use only

#6 LYHNMW Cover – Best For Double Protection

See Latest Price

LYHNMW protects your ping pong table from destructive elements. Powerful oxford 620D increases the durability of the product. You will understand that strong winds cannot tear it or blow it away.

All-weather performance is not only shown by the material of the product. The manufacturer designs the surface with a waterproof and UV-resistant coating. Thanks to that, the protection increases twice.

You can use the LYHNMW cover both indoors and outdoors. It is upright over the folded table. The click-close straps on the bottom and sides help to protect the cover from flying away.

But, there are no zippers on the sides. If you don’t see this omission as an inconvenience then this product is worth buying.


  • All-weather protection
  • Premium fabric
  • Resistant to tearing
  • Anti-UV


  • No zipper available

#7 Butterfly Weatherproof Cover – Best For Wall-mounted Storage

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Butterfly created this product for dual-use purposes. It allows you to cover the ping-pong table in both folding and play the position. The most interesting thing is that it can cover a net.

This feature creates convenience for those who play table tennis every day. You cover the table and open it the next day, your table is ready to play.

The heavy nylon material keeps the cover from flying away. Its waterproof and scratch-resistant construction gives you peace of mind to use.

We like the handle on top of the cover. When you are not using the table for a long time, you need to fold it. Then you sheath it and hang it on the wall. This way helps you free up a lot of storage space.

But, we complain about the shape of this bag. In the folded position, the side of the table usually forms a triangle, but this bag is rectangular.

Since it does not fit the table, a water tank will appear on the top. This stagnation will reduce the waterproof ability of the product.


  • Protect in dual positions
  • Weatherproof
  • Quality material
  • Features handle


  • Not snugly fit

#8 Stanbroil Heavy-duty Cover  – Best For Design 

See Latest Price

This cover comes with heavy-duty UV-resistant PVC and weather-resistant backing. It is designed to prevent rain, snow, sun, and dust.

This durable material contains a breathable structure, allowing heat and moisture to circulate. This feature creates an effective anti-mildew.

This product not only makes you satisfied with the material but also with its design. The corners are sewn to secure them from tearing. That helps to increase the product’s durability and sustain your investment.

A Velcro at the top and zippers on the sides give a simple and convenient opening and closing. The vertical tilt profile allows water to flow down without storing water on the surface.

It measures 63 “x 33.5” x 62 “, so you need to compute your table to confirm a fit. It also doesn’t support lanyards at the bottom.


  • Heavy-duty UV resistant PVC
  • Weatherproof
  • Built-in air vents
  • Unique design


  • No drawstring available

#9 Podinor Cover  – Best For Severe Weather

See Latest Price

Podinor ping pong cover is the optimal choice for outdoor storage. Not only is it weatherproof, but it can also withstand storms and snow. The two features below will prove it.

First, it is made up of ripstop polyester oxford 420D – a strong material. This feature helps protect your objects in unexpected situations.

But it also only provides short-term protection. We do not recommend leaving your ping pong table in the rain or snow for more than two hours. Anything will collapse before the disaster.

The material is quite thin and light – which many consider being a flaw. But we like the drawstring at the bottom the most.

This design helps the cover to tie firmly to the table, preventing the wind from blowing it away. You can choose it for use in stadiums or outdoor entertaining areas.


  • Wind resistance
  • Weatherproof and tear-resistant
  • Winterproof and frost resistant
  • Easy handling and space-saving storage


  • Lightweight material

#10 Kettler Premium – Best For Wind Resistance

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Kettler Premium cover protects your ping pong table from all weather. Key features include the 500 Denier coating that enhances UV resistance and waterproofing.

The combination of Polyester and PVC is suitable for outdoor use. They are heavy-duty material that protects the cover from strong winds or impacts.

Although it is thick, it has a breathable structure that prevents moisture. The stitches are also very solid, making sure the cover is not ripped open by the wind or sun.

An extra drawstring at the bottom is necessary. That detail will help the cover to embrace the table.


  • 500 denier coating
  • Polyester and PVC
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Solid stitches


  • Lack of extra features

Why Do You Need A Cover For Your Table Ping Pong?

Ping Pong has certain requirements on its accessory. The tabletop should be flat and of adequate rigidity. Any defect on the surface will also affect the player’s performance.

It is not easy to correct it. Thus, the table cover is an idea stemming from the needs of the user. Its features show that it is useful.

First, it helps to keep your ping pong table away from dirt and fading. Higher-end products also feature water-resistant, anti-heat, and moisture-proof.

Some other products also come with bags containing paddles and balls. These do have a role to play in keeping all accessories in a place that’s easy to find.

Shopping Guide – Things To Consider And Keep In Mind When Buying

Best ping pong table cover

Before buying any product you need to consider many aspects. We are going to outline some basic elements that you should not ignore.

Dimension Fits The Table

You also need to measure the size of the table before deciding to buy a product. Manufacturers can offer all options for a large variety of ping pong tables.

You’d better choose a cover that fits the table. If its size is too small, it can not guarantee the greatest protection.

You should also not use a sheet that is too large. The wind can tear excess parts. Under heavy rain, it can turn into a water tank at the top of the cover, reducing the water-resistance of the cover.

Materials Withstand Water

As the protector for your ping pong table, the material of the cover must be considered. HD vinyl or PVC helps to maintain the color of the product.

If you need to use an outdoor cover, it should be made from a waterproof material. Also, look for a product with a well-ventilated design for use in hot and humid spaces.

PVC and HD vinyl appear more often in heavy-duty products. You also may concern with woven polyester or nylon when looking for a cost-effective product.

Purpose Of Use: Indoor, Outdoor, Dual-function Type

Depending on your needs, you can choose indoor or outdoor protection. Each one has different features. You should use it for the right purpose to avoid diminishing its initial value.

The indoor covering meets basic dirt resistance. They are not suitable for outdoor use. This type of product is usually light and has a variety of color choices.

If you have an outdoor ping pong table then you need outdoor protection. As it provides water-proof and UV resistance. Its designers favor it with lots of useful features.

Besides, there is also a dual feature product on the market. Manufacturers use a new number of materials to help reduce product weight. But they still ensure the weather resistance of an outdoor covering.

Which Brand To Buy?

Table tennis players are familiar with brands like Covermate, Butterfly, STIGA, or Kettler. These companies manufacture all accessories related to ping pong.

Buying a product from one of the above brands, you get a lot of benefits. It is not only the quality of the product but also the reasonable warranty.

The market is now filled with thousands of products from different manufacturers. You will likely see surprisingly cheap options. But choosing a reputable brand is always a safe buy.

Colors Absorb UV for Best Ping Pong Table Cover

Color not only is a problem but it also has a role in supporting the cover features. The dark colors will absorb and condense heat, exerting a lot of heat on the table.

If you need outdoor protection, then the bright color is the optimal choice. Besides, elegant and trendy colors will create a pleasant look for your interior.

​Orientation And ​Versatility

Two popular types of ping pong table sheath are upright and flat. The first type requires you to fold the table to cover it. The second one allows you to cover the table in the playing position.

Some products offer customization capabilities that support both upright or flat positions. You can choose Butterfly Weatherproof Ping Pong Table Cover to see this feature.

Some products do more than a cover. They come with a handle at the top for carrying and hanging.

Extra Features Decide The Final Buying

Besides the basic features, extra functions enhance your experience. You may like the lanyard to prevent the cover from flying away by the wind.

Some manufacturers also design more handles to hand on or carry. You will also find an accessory bag attached with a cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Store Your Table?

For indoor tables, you only need a lightweight dust-proof cover. It also helps to protect the tabletop from scratches. Some products provide extra ventilation to help prevent moisture build-up.

Outdoor tables need more protection. As it can be exposed to rain, sun, storm, and snow at any time. A waterproof and anti-UV cover will save your ping pong table from unwanted damage.

What Can Damage A Ping Pong Table?

You spent a lot of money on your table tennis table. Hence, it would be heartbreaking if you see a small scratch on it.

There are many causes of destruction, including nature and people. Depending on where the table stands, the factors that affect it are also different.

If you play table tennis outdoors, the table will be under pressure from rain, sunlight, and snow. These factors cause warping and blistering.

Water will cause rust on metal parts. And objects flying in the air will dirty and scratch the surface of the table.

Temperature and moisture also destroy the wood components. Then you will see mold spots on the surface.

Aren’t Outdoor Ping Pong Tables Weatherproof Already?

An indoor ping pong table doesn’t have the built-in waterproof feature. So using this table outdoors will destroy your investment.

Some high-quality outdoor products will have integrated water resistance. But, as these items are often expensive, investing in an extra cover is a wise use of money.

Final Thought

This top 10 best ping pong table cover offers different features. You can choose any product depending on the intended use.

We recommend JOOLA or Butterfly to cover both playing and folding positions. You can also consider products for both indoor and outdoor use. But, we find that using specialized products is more effective.

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