Top 7 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Control and spin Reviews & Buying Guide

For anyone looking for the best ping pong paddle for control, this article is a must-read. Such a paddle is something that defensive players can’t afford to overlook. Therefore, they have no other choice but to choose the best lest they suffer. Are you one of them? If yes, let’s find out the best table tennis paddle for you. The other types of players are also covered, so check this out!

Top 7 Best ping pong paddle for control & spin Reviews

Some ping pong players look for a spin while others look for control. If you are in the camp that looks for the former, latter, or both, here are some recommendations.

Best Table Tennis Paddles for Control and spin: A Brief Comparison Chart

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Product Images Product Names Editor's Rating Price
Upstreet Ping Pong Paddle Set 4.9 See Latest Price
Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle Professional Racket 4.8 See Latest Price
STIGA Flow Outdoor 2-Player Table Tennis Set 4.8 See Latest Price
STIGA Supreme Performance 4.7 See Latest Price
Killerspin JET 600 Spin N2 Table Tennis Paddle 4.7 See Latest Price
Senston Professional Ping Pong Paddle Set 4.7 See Latest Price
STIGA Tournament-Quality Titan Table Tennis Racket 4.6 See Latest Price


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Top 7 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Control and spin Review

#1 Upstreet Table Tennis Paddle Set

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For a paddle that works for both beginners and experts, this one passes the test. As a newbie, you can rely on it for learning the game and improving how you play. Professionals can also use it for wins despite coming at a pocket-friendly price. The package contains four paddles and ten balls. The former are relatively sturdy since the wood has seven layers and an incredible bouncy. The rubbers are also of high quality with excellent thickness and texture. Its power, spin, and control are 7.8, 7.6, and 9.4, respectively. That’s an impressive combination making it the best ping pong paddle for control and spin.

Things we like

  • It is an ideal choice for anyone working with a tight budget
  • The paddle also comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • Lightweight yet has a bounce enough for an excellent spin

Things we dislike

  • It doesn’t give you the liberty to change the rubber.

#2 Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket

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If you are looking for the best ping-pong paddle for a spin, look no further. This paddle is often referred to as the master of spin. After all, its spin rate is 93. Its speed and balance are also impressive. It meets the tournament standards thanks to its rubber layers which are ITTF-approved with a thickness of 2 mm. its control is also not inadequate, standing at a rating of 90. The blade is sturdy because its wood is 5-layered. Its flared handle is quite comfortable, with no chances of slipping, making it easy to play with, no doubt.

Things we like

  • Its price is pocket-friendly
  • The paddle also comes with a 30-day guarantee. If not satisfied, feel free to return within that period and expect no question
  • It comes with a carrying case which protects it from damage

Things we dislike

  • It is relatively heavy

#3 STIGA Flow Outdoor 2-Player set

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STIGA has never disappointed its buyers, and this product is no exception. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor playing since it is weather resistant. In addition to withstanding even harsh weather conditions, it is also wind resistant hence the best ping-pong paddle for control during a windy day. Its thermoplastic elastomers handle stays for a long time. The longevity of the blade is indisputable since the materials are high-quality glass fibers and polypropylene. Its speed rating is 45, the spin rating is 45, and the control rating is 90. The set comprises two paddles and a pair of balls.

Things we like

  • The rackets and the balls are water-resistant and wind-resistant hence ideal for outdoor playing
  • They are also shock-resistant, therefore perfect for even an intense game
  • Expect them to last for an extended period, too, due to the durable materials

Things we don’t like

  • These paddles are relatively heavy

#4 STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket

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As a novice striving to improve your ping pong playing skills, this paddle can offer you the helping hand you deserve in your journey. The fantastic thing about it is that you need not break the bank to get this professional racket. Its material is 6-layered light wood which, combined with its Crystal Tech and Tube technology, makes it pretty light. Therefore, if you are that player who plays closer to the table, don’t hesitate to take it home. Its sponge has a thickness of 2 mm enough to absorb vibration upon impact. Its speed rating is 90, control rating is 89, and spin rating is 92. That’s perfect for a beginner.

Things we like

  • It is lightweight and weight 140 grams only
  • It is ideal for defending players due to its focus on control
  • Its spin is excellent for serving

Things we don’t like

  • It is not worth considering if you are looking for a fast paddle

#5 Killerspin JET 600 Spin N2 Table Tennis Paddle

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Don’t let the price tag of this paddle make you shy away from buying it. As much as it is relatively expensive, it is worth every penny. The 5-layered high-density wood covered by premium carbon fiber forms a 7-layered paddle. Consequently, it centralizes force and minimizes vibration giving you maximum control. Its Nitrz-4Z rubber has an incredible spin due to its high tension, and it is also ITFF approved. It makes you better positioned when dealing with your opponent’s tough spinning shots as well. It is durable, and its flared handle provides a solid yet comfortable grip.

Things we like

  • Its spin is vast, whereas the bounce is also fantastic
  • The control it gives every shot is also remarkable
  • Its construction makes it durable hence worthy

Things we don’t like

  • It has neither an edge tape nor a protective strip to protect the blade and the rubber

#6 Senston Professional Ping Pong Paddle Set

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Whether you are an expert or a novice, this is yet another product you shouldn’t hesitate to spend on any day. It is the best ping pong paddle for spin given the rating of 9, whereas the speed rating is also 9, and the control rating is 8.5. That’s expected given the 9-layered high-quality wood, the 2 mm thick sponge, and the 2 mm thick, high-quality rubber. All that makes it perfect for either offense or defense. It guarantees good directionality, a fast return rate, and a strong, striking force. Under such circumstances, the playing experience can only be great.

Things we like

  • The set comes with a pair of durable ping pong paddles
  • It also contains a carrying bag to protect the rackets and also simplify moving with them
  • Its firm grip, comfortable and non-slip, makes it easy to hold as one plays

Things we don’t like

  • You will have to buy the balls separately

#7 STIGA Tournament-Quality Titan Table Tennis Racket

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Whereas most professional players have already identified their playing style, it takes some time to figure out. Before you know what works best for you, this paddle can come in handy. It works well for all styles but not the best for either. The spin and power can help a beginner graduate to an intermediate player easily and fast. Despite that, the combination doesn’t jeopardize control because its 2 mm sponge balances all the three, power, spin, and control, although the latter isn’t as much as the other two. Therefore, it is the best ping-pong paddle for control and spin for a beginner. Its 5-layered plywood makes the blade sturdy. The speed rating, spin rating, and control rating are 80, 77, and 82, respectively.

Things we like

  • It is ITTF approved hence suitable for official tournaments
  • The price is also reasonable
  • Its lightweight design makes them ideal for all playing styles

Things we don’t like

  • As much as it is a jack of all trades, it is not a master of any hence not suitable for professionals

Best Ping Pong for Control and Spin Buying Guide

What works best for another player may not work for you. To determine what best for you, consider the following factors

Playing style and experience

As a beginner, much spin and speed shouldn’t be a priority. On the contrary, your focus should be a paddle suitable for working on basics and developing proper stroke mechanisms. Once you become an intermediate or experienced player, you can’t afford to overlook them anymore. Therefore, you need to consider the highest ratings for spin and speed. A heavy and fast racket is appropriate if you attack a lot and hits the ball relatively far from the table. Ensure that you take home the best table tennis paddle for a spin for great results. However, if you are a defensive player, light and slow paddle with great control is ideal. So, look for the best ping-pong for control in this case.

Blade and Handle

The blade can be rigid or flexible depending on its weight, materials, and layers of wood. A rigid one is relatively fast. On the other hand, the blade can be straight, anatomic, or flared. Flared is anti-slip due to the thick bottom. Anatomic has a broad middle that fits your palm’s shape. The straight one is even throughout. Always choose what works best for you.

Rubber and Sponge

Their texture and thickness determine the paddle’s spin. A soft one provides more spin, and the same case applies when the rubber is also relatively sticky.

Best Table Tennis Paddles FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on the topic.

What are the paddle ratings?

Paddle ratings are the performance of a particular paddle, usually in three categories: speed, spin, and control. Is rating can be out of 10 or 100. One chooses paddle ratings depending on their playing style and level of experience. Therefore, experts may look for ratings different from those of a beginner. The same case applies to offensive players and defensive players.

Is there a difference between the red and black sides of a ping pong paddle?

According to many professional ping pong players, there is a difference between red and black. That doesn’t come as a surprise since different dyes, pigments, and materials are used on either side. Red rubbers are pretty translucent, whereas the black ones are relatively opaque. The former is also fast but has less spin and vice versa.

What is the Best Table Tennis Paddle for Beginners?

At this stage, you are yet to figure out which playing style works best for you. Therefore, the best table tennis paddle for beginners should balance all three paddle ratings. Don’t overlook the control, speed, or power. Equally important, settling for an expensive paddle is unnecessary.

Why are there two sides to a ping pong paddle?

The two sides of the product are according to ITTF regulations. Since each side has a different rubber, the shots are usually different. The opponent can predict the shot to expect just by identifying the side used to hit the ball. Consequently, it will be possible to counter the shot accurately.

What is the fastest table tennis blade?

How fast a table tennis blade is will be determined by its speed rating. Since it can be either out of 10 or 100, the fastest blade can have a rating speed of 10 or 100. Therefore, the higher the number, the faster the table tennis blade. A high rating also makes it the best ping paddle for a spin.

How do you replace the rubber on a table tennis bat?

Eventually, the need to replace the rubber on your table tennis bat will arise. That’s because it is bound to wear and tear due to exposure to air, light, and heat. All you need is a new rubber and suitable glue to get started.  Preferred glue is water-based table tennis glue or glue sheets. Then, follow the directions provided.


The article leaves no stone unturned regarding the best ping pong paddle for control & spin. It discusses high recommendations people looking for one should consider. It also provides buyers with a buying guide to help them make the right choice. Last but not least, it answers frequently asked questions on the same.