Best Ping Pong Paddle Holders For Organized Players Review 2021

We know that you came here looking for the best ping pong paddle holders to organize your balls and paddles. This article has the right answer to your questions. What kind of holders do you need? Do you want to hang it on the wall or table?

Read the below reviews and choose the one that suits you most!

Products Review

Product Images Product Names Editor's Rating Price
MAPOL Quality Table Tennis Paddle Set 4.9 See Latest Price
Syon Sports Ping Pong-Table Tennis paddle set 4.8 See Latest Price
JOOLA Game Room Organizer and Dart Scoreboard 4.8 See Latest Price
IRON AMERICAN Elite Table Tennis Storage Rack, Holds 6 Balls and 4 Paddles 4.7 See Latest Price
MyGift Rustic Wood Wall 4.7 See Latest Price
JOOLA Family Premium Table Tennis Bundle Set 4.7 See Latest Price


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Here are the top 6 best ping pong paddle holders on the market.

1.   MAPOL Table Tennis Paddle Set – Best Grip

See Latest Price

This set gives you the comfort and accuracy that a fine paddle set brings. It includes 4 paddles with 2 mm sponges and is easy to grip with flared handles.

The paddle surface is smooth with little friction. In terms of weight, the seven-play paddles are heavier than their competitors, weighing at 494lbs. The package also includes 8 table tennis balls and a portable case bag.

The blue zippered bag is designed for perfect storage and organization, making it easy for 2-4 players to enjoy professional games indoors and entertainment when traveling.

It also ensures that the content is protected from dust and scratches. There is a little hook so you can hang it on the wall.

There is a one-year guarantee if you are not satisfied with this product or have problems with the paddles.


  • Good control and rotation
  • Comfortable swing handle providing good grips
  • Included four paddles, 8 balls
  • Protective case bag
  • Great for all table tennis players


  • A tad heavy due to the 7-ply wood

2.   Syon Sports Paddle Set – Best for All Players

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This set consists of 4 paddles and 8 balls (40 mm diameter) with a zipped carrying case with hooks. The paddles are made from 5-mm high-quality wooden material with a 2-mm orange sponge and 1-mm high-quality rubber.

The handles are flared, so players will have great control and flexibility in handling the paddles. Made from 5-ply wooden material, they weigh moderately at 2.4 pounds for the whole set and are suitable for players of all ages.

The rubber is made from natural material and glued with a 2 mm sponge. The thickness of the rubber is 1 mm, which makes it difficult to peel off and very durable. And unlike other paddles, it doesn’t have a heavy odor.

This item’s nice portable case is excellent for storage and traveling. There are paddle holders and hooks, allowing players to store and hang paddles on the walls or right on the table.


  • High-quality material
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Sturdy carrying case with hooks
  • Comes with fun games instructions


  • High-cut curved handles shorten the grip

3.   JOOLA Multi-Purpose Table Tennis Paddle Holders – Best Design

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This multi-purpose paddle holder is a must for all game rooms! Game room accessories such as ping pongs, darts, cards, and video game controllers can be easily stored in this 6″ x 11″ x 3.25″ convenient organizer.

The built-in paddle holder with three sockets on each side makes it easy to store up to 6 ping-pong balls and keep the table free.

The 24″ x 13″ blackboard can be used to record scores for table tennis games, aerial hockey, billiards, shuffleboards, etc.

The organizer has a classic design, aesthetically pleasing, and is suitable for any design. This product is an ideal solution for keeping your gaming room open and tidy.

Players only need 1 minute to assemble this organizer – the last worth mentioning advantage when owning the JOOLA’s product.


  • Spacious built-in paddle and ball holder
  • Very organized
  • Suitable for multiple games
  • Easy and fast to assemble


  • Sharp edges around the built-in holder

4.   IRON AMERICAN Ball And Paddle Rack – Best Easy Installation

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A simple design that holds 4 paddles and 6 balls. It is also convenient to use while safely protecting the polished ping-pong balls and paddles. The rack is light and thin and easy to hang on any flat surface.

It comes with an installation guide and accessories hardware, such as two 1.5-inch screws and two steel washers with 2 wall anchors. The surface is painted with a matte texture for better friction. Other than ping pong paddles, it can hold belts, jumping ropes, wrist wraps, etc.

However, there are no grooves or angles next to the ball slots, just flat metal, so balls might fall due to a collision. Be careful when removing the paddles since sometimes, the paddles don’t stand up straight.


  • Convenient and easy to install
  • Detailed manual instructions and thoughtful add-ons
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces
  • Multi-purpose
  • Simple design


  • No grooves to ball slots

5.   MyGift Rustic Wall-mounted Paddle Rack – Best Capacity

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This wooden rack can be mounted on a wall, with ping pong paddle holders and ball slots. Because of its large capacity, it catches the hearts of players who have many paddles and balls.

With a height of 8.3 inches, a width of 35.4 inches, and a depth of 5.2 inches, it has space for 6 paddles and 50 ping pong ball holders.

The quality of this wooden rack is excellent. The manufacturer ensured sustainability by providing outstanding wood construction and finishes. Due to its high quality and robust construction, the stand is suitable for both home and outdoor use.

However, the set does not come with accessories hardware. Moreover, there is only a single size, so it’s best used for arcades and large rooms.

This MyGift Rustic rack comes in pieces, so if you like assembling products, you’ll love this.


  • High-quality construction
  • Large capacity for up to 6 paddles and 60 balls
  • Great for large games rooms


  • Take time to assembly
  • Does not include hardware

6.   JOOLA Family Table Tennis Bundle Set – Best Quality

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This paddle holder uses hooks and strings to attach under the tennis table. The set includes 4 paddles and 10 balls, half white and half orange.

This structure has two metal openings and is easily attached to the hook. The ball slots offer a firm grip to not fall from the holder onto the table.

JOOLA is a well-known brand in the table tennis world because the materials are of higher quality and its products last longer than others. But these benefits come at a price. Arguably the best ping pong paddle and ball holder, it costs twice the regular holders.

However, all the accessories of this set are of premium standard. The high quality makes it very suitable for those who are just starting to learn how to play ping pong and kids who might abuse their equipment.


  • Great for families
  • Great quality
  • High-quality paddles and balls
  • Easy to install


  • High price
  • Strong chemical odor at first

Purchase Guide – How To Choose The Best Ping Pong Paddle Holder

best ping pong paddle holders

A ping pong paddle holder is a great way to organize paddles and balls as it can be hung on a bar or wall under the table using unused space. It’s excellent for managing paddles, and it’s also great for efficiently storing and finding balls.

There are different types of holders on the market, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. Let’s look into the details.


This type can be hung on the wall. The weakness of this holder type is that the edge of the shelf might be a little too close to the rubber, which can affect the elastic, especially if you move the paddle too roughly.

Ideally, there should be a gap between the shelf and the rubber to prevent this rubbing.

Carrying case

Carrying cases are a much better option for you to consider, as they don’t have the edges we’ve talked about in the case of paddle racks. Keeping paddles in these pockets is safer, but it also gives you more space and allows you to travel more effortlessly with your equipment.

Other points to consider

Do you travel a lot?

If you play in various places, we recommend choosing a carrying case. Ping pong paddle isn’t the strongest thing in the world, and even the slightest bump can ruin its demanding sponges.

However, if you keep your paddles at home and don’t bring it here and there too regularly, a rack may be better for organizing.


As with most things in life, the more money you spend, the better the product quality you can expect. This statement is applicable to the case of paddle holders.

We have introduced the above affordable holders without compromising the quality. But it also depends on the price of your ping pong paddle. You should choose one that is cheaper than your paddles.


Why do you need a ping pong paddle holder?

First, it is to keep your playroom cleaner and more organized. Some holders can protect your paddles from moisture and dust, thus lengthen their lifetime. Also, balls can be hard to find if they are not kept in one place.

What is the best paddle capacity?

An efficient holder should hold at least four paddles to serve a full game of four players.

Does the paddle holder have ball slots?

More often than not, they do have ball slots. Some of them can hold up to 50 balls. You should choose one with ball slots so that you don’t have to keep your balls separately.

Should I choose a wall-mountable or table-mountable one?

It depends on your preference and your home. If you like to travel, a holder that can be mounted to the table might work better than a wall-mounted one.

However, if you practice at home more often, a wall-mountable holder is more convenient.


Above are the best ping pong paddle holders. These organizers are a must for anyone who plays table tennis regularly and doesn’t want to go inside to get another paddle every time someone else joins the match.

Aside from helping keep your playroom clean, the holders are a great gift option. All of the reviewed products are great for family and friends or anyone who wants to keep their ping pong equipment organized and ready to play.

It doesn’t matter if you put it on the wall, table, or anywhere; the important thing is that it’s convenient for you.


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