Unexpected Physical and Mental Benefits Of Playing Table Tennis

It is shallow thinking that playing ping pong is only for fun. Even though feeling happy will bring more motivation for the exercise, you must know that this game also helps you achieve more, both physically and mentally. Don’t you believe that? Check out this article now, as we will mention some great benefits of playing table tennis below.

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What Are The Benefits Of Playing Table Tennis?

Lose Weight/Keep Fit

Similar to other physical activities, playing table tennis helps burn fats in your body. According to research,  an average hour of this practice can consume up to 272 calories. Besides, it would be best to combine with a healthy diet to stay in better shape.

Many people miss this great advantage of ping pong. However, you should know that experts rate Ping Pong higher than other forms of exercise because it offers many other benefits mentioned in the next section.

Playing Ping Pong can bring you a lot of supports

Playing Ping Pong can bring you a lot of supports

Body Coordination Improvement

Ping-pong trains you to track the ball’s path and return it accurately. As a result, you achieve better hand-eye coordination.

You could also notice that the coordination between the body parts also improves better. Despite that, you might struggle quite a bit at first, but things definitely become different over time.

Better Reflexes

Table tennis is a fast-paced sport. If practiced regularly, your muscles tend to move immediately as a response to your thoughts. Therefore, your reflexes are improved quickly, and that will bring great benefits to your work and daily life.

Brain Development

Do you believe that table tennis can improve your brain as effectively as the game crossword puzzles? To be more specific, the way you observe your opponent and develop an appropriate response plan in each match stimulates clear and intelligent mental acuity.

The longer you play, the more tactical the strategies develop. It not only means that your skills level up but also shows that your brain becomes more sensitive.

Besides, many studies have shown that playing ping-pong promotes blood exchange to the brain. It helps to improve memory and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Last but not least, this exercise has beneficial effects on all areas of the brain. For example, the hippocampus stores the skills you learn, or the prefrontal cortex makes you plan.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Table Tennis

Playing ping pong can help improve your brain

Balance Enhancement

Undoubtedly, table tennis is a savior for clumsy players. The training process requires you to change positions quickly and in time. Also, the destination must be accurate with the speed and the landing position of the ball. You will gradually achieve better balance after a period of hard practice.

Joint Strength Improvement

Table tennis helps improve joint health problems without putting as much pressure on them as running or football. Doctors also suggest that it is a great form of physical therapy for back, knee, or ankle damages.

The exercise increases strength in the arms, legs, and some other parts. From there, the results that you did not think of are reduced pain and recovery of injuries.

However, keep in mind to plan your workouts moderately and correctly. Making mistakes while playing table tennis can make your injuries worse. Don’t worry if you have no clue about it, because we will show some useful tips in the next section. Let’s scroll down for more details!

Benefits Of Playing Table Tennis

How To Practice Table Tennis Properly?

Do The Warm Up First

It is very important to spend 10 minutes doing these warm-up exercises before starting formal training. It allows the muscles to get used to the increasing intensity of movement.

Besides, this light practice promotes blood exchange in the body which is also a condition to prevent muscle tension or stiffness.

Moderate Exercise For Your Health Condition

Do you think that the more practice, the faster the skill increases, or the faster the injury heals? We believe this misunderstanding needs to be corrected. In fact, reasonable distribution between rest and exercise is the wisest method that gives the best results.

Muscle tension, especially in the calves, shows that your body needs rest. In this case, trying harder only results in a higher risk of abuse.

For those who are recovering from an injury, we recommend that you consult your doctor. 1-2 days gap after a dramatic match is the best measure, even for amateur competition.

Protect Your Knees

Please pay attention to knee injuries that can happen because of sudden movements when playing table tennis. Although the chance of injury is not high compared to other body parts, wearing a protector around the knee is highly recommended.

As shown below, the hole-punch knee brace does not impede movement but still can protect you in dangerous situations.

The knee brace

Put Less Burden On Shoulders

Shoulders are the most easily tired part of your body. Hence, table tennis players also experience shoulder problems more often.

Establishing a proper ready posture helps limit errors when hitting the ball and relieves pressure on this part. Furthermore, developing a forehand serve is also a good way to ease the burden on the forehand.

Last but not least, take a rest as soon as you feel tired.

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In Conclusion

This article has just shown you some physical and mental benefits of playing table tennis. We believe they can become your motivation to exercise harder. However, always pay attention to your health status and have a reasonable training plan. We hope this article can help you enjoy ping pong, increase your skills and live a healthier life.