Are Table Tennis Tables Waterproof? – Answering Your Table Tennis Inquiries

You find yourself too bored to stay indoors and plan to have some fun with outdoor table tennis? Wonder if the Ping Pong table is waterproof or not?  Let’s read this post and see the answer to the question “Are Table Tennis Tables Waterproof?” before rushing to purchase the heavy table!


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Are Table Tennis Tables Waterproof?

Yes, table tennis tables can be waterproof. But that trait is very much dependent on the material and type of the table the manufacturer aims for.

1.    How Are Ping Pong Tables Weatherproof?

There are such things as an exclusively outdoor table tennis table. These are specifically designed for you to enjoy games of ping pong out and about, whether it is in your backyard or a picnic outing. Specifically, the common thing between these weather-proof table tennis tables is the material used to make up their parts: galvanized steel.

Are Table Tennis Tables Waterproof

Tables made of galvanized steel are weather-resistant!

If your table is made out of galvanized steel, that means the parts have been lined with zinc to prevent steel from being exposed to moisture in the environment. Hence, you will never have to worry about your table being brittle and easy to damage due to rust anymore, as zinc acts as a protective layer to the steel/iron that supports your ping pong table.

The majority of these table models can also be equipped with resin tops; this implies that even the parts that aren’t protected by zinc are also highly water-proof. Furthermore, resin-topped tables do not lose their bounce and still make that crispy noise when the ball hits the table’s surface.

You can also find other tables that are even more durable under the circumstances than galvanized steel can offer in the store. The weather-resistant substance for the tables can range from concrete, plastic, and even fiberglass, so watch out for those!

Concrete tables are perfect for playing outside -

Concrete tables are perfect for playing outside, source:

If you want to use your table tennis table outside, you will need to avoid wood at all costs. In detail, wood contorts itself when exposed to saturation of rain or moisture in the air, and you will end up with a cracked table after one drizzle!

2.    Are Waterproof Ping Pong Tables More Expensive?

Of course! A solid block of concrete for a table is going to be quite costly. However, we consider that this high standard table will be worth your money for a joyful outside playtime.

You can try to opt for a more affordable option, such as resin plywood. But wallet-safe cannot always equate to waterproof.

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Are Table Tennis Tables Waterproof?” – It depends. When you buy a table tennis table, you should look at what material it is, or else you will end up mistreating it. In conclusion, if the table isn’t a wood-made one, it is safe to bring outside rain or shine!